Mmmmm what’s that smell

While I was working yesterday afternoon pushing paper around my desk my mouth began to water.  That in itself isn’t such a big deal since my desk is within 10ft of the kitchen door. I’m often assaulted with the sweet and savory smells that waft through the open doorway and grab my attention like any normal person when lunchtime comes around.

     This time the smell was different, it wasn’t our sauerkraut or Chef Lisa’s Gluten free Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies. No, this smell was a deep earthy, herb filled aroma that had me out of my office chair and quietly poking my head into the kitchen to investigate.

   Chef Josh had just taken it out of the oven and was rubbing another layer of his garlic mixture over a giant pork loin.  We talked about it for a few minutes while he worked before he put it back in the oven. He had made a few herb seasoned turkey breasts a few days before that had been sliced and used for a lunch special at the Willow Tree. It had been a big hit and we saw several guests that had been to lunch & then came over to the market in order to take some home. I’d had the special that day and it was indeed a top notch sandwich. So with the garlic roasted pork I figured I’d been in safe territory for my first actual food post.

    After finishing my normal morning tasks in the office I went out into the store and looked over our deli case. As usual my reaction is one of bewilderment and confusion at all the foreign names and brands.  I know even more now why Theo wanted me to take on the task of writing about our products. While he and the other German staff members are excitedly talking about these products amongst themselves the rest of us just look on with no clue what to expect.  After all, I never grew up with Jagdwurst (pronounced like Yak-wurst) but I answered the phone today with a woman who was so excited about it she ordered 2…at 3lbs each!

     So here goes….recalling my sensory experience yesterday I choose to build a sandwich with the Garlic Roasted Pork. Theo came out and recommended the Ostenborg Dill Havarti to go with it. I selected a nice wheat brotchen (think of a mini baguette) and with yet another recommendation I asked for our homemade pesto which was lightly drizzled over the cut wheat roll.  Toss some lettuce, tomato & onion on there and I had a nice looking sandwich. It was lovingly wrapped and packaged (for that long trip 20ft back to my desk). I have to say it was kind of exciting sitting there with my paper bag, like a nice short nostalgic trip back to grade school, only without bullies, recess & naptime.

                   As I unwrapped it I tried to go slow, I wanted to channel all the food critics that I’ve read and seen on TV. The critics in the paper always seem so poised & eloquent when describing a meal, whereas on TV it looks as if they are experiencing  a moment of pure rapture…I’ve had some great meals before but nothing that had my eyes roll to the back of my head. Maybe I’m just a little more reserved?

       Well I took my first bite of this creation and was not disappointed. I could taste the full flavors of herbs in the cheese and pork. The pork was sliced oh so thin and stacked high. The Dill Havarti melted in my mouth and with the taste quality homemade pesto it took the flavor to a whole new level. All of that rounded out nicely with the fresh baked wheat brotchen.  I was felt content and very happy afterwards I didn’t need anything else with my lunch, although we did have a nice looking orange and some yogurt that caught my eye on the way back to my desk. Chances are I’ll just have to make another trip to the front when I need a midafternoon pick-me-up. But until then it’s back to work 😛


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