Are Gluten Free Truffles any good?

I’ve been trying to avoid a lot of the sweet candies and fresh baked goods that we have available at the market. But after 3 weeks of good behavior I finally caved, if anyone asks it’s not because I’ve lost the will to deny my sweet tooth, but for the sake of my new blog. And because this blog is now a small part of my job it deserves the kind of devotion & dedication I put into my normal tasks right? I should blog like my job depends on it!

  With that thinking, I left my chair and strode out into the market letting my eyes wander over the bakery racks behind the deli counter. I stopped at the end and looked longingly into the dessert case at the variety of homemade sweet treats that Chefs Wolfgang & Lisa so lovingly make. I’ve worked with Wolfgang on and off at the Willow Tree over the years and along with hundreds of our guests I’ve enjoyed his creations.

    Looking over all the desserts I had that crawling sensation on the back of my neck. Maybe you know the one….when your boss is standing right behind you and you’re not sure how long he’s been there. Yep that’s the one I had. Sure enough I turned smiling and there was Theo (the man can be really stealthy when he puts his mind to it). He asked if I had tried any of our new Gluten Free items. I had tried one of the chocolate peanut butter cookies when Lisa first made them when she started at the Willow Tree. 

Thinking back on the stunned moment I had when I bit into the soft, fresh cookie & found out it was Gluten Free. The light went on in my head and I decided what I wanted to write about today!

     After all Chef Lisa was recently interviewed by Channel 6 about her story. The girl has handled the ribbing from the kitchen staff really well. Lisa was featured because she is a Gluten Free Chef; she was diagnosed 4 years ago with Celiac Disease. When I had to serve at the Willow Tree I took care of several guests who had serious concerns about the dishes on our menu and the ingredients we used. It always worried me that I would make some mistake, so I often ran to one of the Chefs for help. Since Lisa and I transferred to the market we’ve had a chance to talk a lot more and really bond because she’s only one of two women in a kitchen full of guys.

     When I worked at the Willow Tree I would often find my way by the baker’s table and see what was being made. I’m an amateur baker myself so if the opportunity presented itself and I had a chance to observe decorating techniques and ask questions I would. Well old habits die hard. I recently had a chance to help Lisa make Gluten Free truffles.

    As we chased the little stuffed truffles around a pot of melted chocolate we got to talking about the trials that came with her change in lifestyle. Gluten Free products thankfully are starting to rise in availability, and often at a price. If she wanted to enjoy any kind of baked good (bread or otherwise) she would often have to make it herself. Where’s the fun in that? If I want a glazed and sprinkled pastry at the drop of a hat, I’ll roll through a Dunkin Doughnuts or down the aisle at Winn-Dixie. If I had to make it from scratch and double check all the ingredients so that it doesn’t make me or my family sick….I’d probably be a lot thinner because I wouldn’t go through all the trouble.

      But the experience inspired her, she wanted to make Gluten Free products that TASTE GOOD. She enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu’s bakers program and learned some wonderful things that she brings to the market daily with her regular & Gluten Free goods. Theo himself was inspired and has been ordering Gluten Free friendly items. We now even have a Gluten Free Beer available at the Willow Tree.

       Before meeting Lisa I don’t think I’ve ever knowingly eaten anything that had the gluten removed.  Since then however I’ve been privy to sampling a few of the items she suggested to Theo & Linda. Her Gluten Free Chocolate Peanut Butter cookies have been a big hit. The camera crew that came in to film her TV segment loved them and even took a box of Gluten Free goodies back to the studio.

Well here I am at my desk with my little line-up of truffles. She made a nice variety of flavors like coffee, raspberry, mint, orange & lastly a classic chocolate truffle.

 I choose the 4 flavored ones to sample.

 The first was coffee it was as a nice subtle flavor and the java bean on top gave it a crunch.

Orange was my next victim; it was sweeter and had a more pronounced taste of my favorite citrus.

Raspberry came third, like the coffee the flavor came up behind the sweet taste of chocolate, but then it melted in my mouth and tasted like a ripe juicy berry plucked off the bush.

Saving my favorite for last was mint. It was absolutely wonderful; the chocolate and mint flavors never outdid the other.  Like best friends they rode it together the whole way through and I was very pleased. But like mint always does, its taste is always present several minutes after for me to enjoy.

Well I’m getting that crawling sensation again…back to work 😀



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