Truly Natural sparkling water

Well I’m back to blogging after a few days of illness and recovery. I’ll have to say that my first day back was a little touch and go. I was feeling better than I had in days & I wanted to be at work, my will & motivation was present but visually I still looked like death on a cracker.

As always I had taken my usual little foray into the market and I honestly didn’t get much farther than the Head Cheese in the showcase. I turned kept my eyes on the back door and beat a quick retreat to my desk, after all I did have some catching up to do.

A while later I was still sitting at my desk catching up on emails, invoices and all the other little joys of my new job when Theo & Linda came up and asked what new thing I was going to try for the blog. At the thought of food I think I whimpered and felt my face go through a range of green Technicolor changes. When I mumbled some unintelligible response about not really being hungry he disappeared through the doors into the market shouting that he had just the thing.

Linda knew exactly what he was searching for and said he was going to get me water that had special properties. I have to admit when she said that I half expected to hear a tale of German woodland elves & fairies that sprinkled magic into water (I blame that scenario on the lingering effects of the fever I’d gotten over).  He came back and handed me a small bottle of Gerolsteiner mineral water. I held back a groan since I really dislike mineral/sparkling waters.  However I was very thankful and reminded myself to keep an open mind.

Theo & Linda began explaining why this water was special. Unlike most sparkling waters this one is naturally occurring. The water actually comes out of the earth carbonated! According to the label “The special geological condition characteristic of the Eifel region in western Germany are the reason for the natural freshness and the high mineral content”. Now I don’t know about the ‘natural freshness’ part since it was bottled in Germany and shipped all the way overseas. Perhaps the freshness was lost on me because it tasted like….sparkling mineral water. The taste was very sparkly and the minerals were most certainly present while I drank. I’m still not a fan of sparkling/ mineral waters but I will say this. I did finish the entire bottle which is ¾ farther than I’ve ever been with any other water of that kind and when I was about halfway through it I really did feel much better! So much better that I’m looking forward to scanning the shelves and cases for my next blog.



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