Sometimes the second act is better than the first

One of the great joys of being a part of a brand new deli is that when brand new products come in the staff often has a chance to try great new things. Today we received a shipment of our deli case staples as well as a few new items that had been suggested for us. One such item was a new kind of kosher bologna.

I was looking forward to trying it because I do enjoy kosher food from time to time, and at least I grew up with bologna so I was feeling good about having something kind of familiar.  However this experience seemed almost doomed from the start. Chef Josh sliced off several pieces for sampling, when I was handed mine I noticed the texture right away. It felt in my fingers like damp cardboard. The smell wasn’t anything unusual so I figured it would probably taste alright.


I took a small bite and disgusted at the dryness of it. The damp cardboard was now in my mouth.  The only reassurance was that everyone around me who was sampling it had similar expressions. Theo decided right away that he wasn’t going to sell it. It was just that bad. Theo was much more amused with the faces everyone was making. He popped open a jar of Cornichons (really sweet little pickles) and passed them around for everyone so that we could get the horrid taste out of our mouths.


It only took a few moments before everyone’s attention turned from the bad bologna to the pickles. I took another and decided instead to write about the sweet crunchy little gherkins from Hengstenberg. When I had taken my first bite I was expecting the wonderful taste of vinegar and pickle. However I was pleasantly surprised by the sweetness of it.  What I really liked is that you can still see the dill, mustard seeds & spices in the jar.  I thought they were little but then I saw the cocktail cornichons that are the same small size as the regular baby dills that my Grandma always uses on her appetizer trays before Thanksgiving dinner.  We all seemed to have good ideas for what it could be used for.  I however am just content at the moment to just enjoy a few as they are: au natural, right out of the jar.


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