A Tale of Two Salads

It’s been a pretty rainy morning here in Downtown Sanford, the kind of day you just want to sit back and watch the rain fall. The market has been fairly quiet today because of the weather outside. However, inside the Deli and back in the kitchen though it’s just another day with music, jokes and warm laughter coming out of the kitchen.

 Today I added a short trip into the Chefs domain to see if there was anything new being made. Chef Josh had just finished making Turkaroni salad and Garyn was making a new kind of salad to test out. The Greek Pasta Salad is a visual wonderland of color with tri colored pasta, red & green peppers, chunks of salami, and Feta cheese.


The two salads seemed perfect for a dreary Florida afternoon. The Turkaroni has become pretty popular since we first introduced it just 2 weeks ago. Several times already we’ve sold out by the afternoon. So how will the new one stand up against it?


The Turkaroni is a fresh and delicious take on a summer favorite. Macaroni salad will never be the same again in my opinion. We added fresh herb rubbed turkey breast and sweet corn, as well as a generous mix of spices. They make it with just enough mayo so that everything keeps its consistency and isn’t drowning in it. And dare I say, the red onions & peppers give it almost a southwest taste.


The Greek Pasta Salad is on the other end of the spectrum. This salad has no mayo; instead he used our homemade Greek dressing. There are three kinds of Salami used which gives the salad a robust flavor that melds well with the three pastas. The pungent taste of Feta, olives & capers really round everything out & satisfied my taste buds like nobody’s business.


Now that my lunch is over it’s time to get back to work. Although I’m feeling pretty good and it’s a shame to let a rainy day go to waste, maybe I’ll run around outside in the rain for a few minutes.



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