Rose by any other name is just as sweet…as Rosehip Jam

Ahhh Payday was yesterday and what should my first purchase be with my hard earned money? Only something absolutely wonderful from the shelves of the deli to write about. The other afternoon I was walking around the store with one of the servers from the Willow Tree. We were talking about this and that as she perused the shelves. She grew up in Slovakia and was all smiles looking over the European goods available. But when she really lit up was when we got to the section stocked with Jellies, Jams and Honeys.  “Have you ever tried Rosehip Jam?” well no, I haven’t.  My PB&Js growing up were either Grape or Strawberry on soft white bread. My experience with Jams and other fruit preserves are just as limited.

She went on to tell me how wonderful Rosehip is, and naturally the subject of my blog came up. The warmth of her words when she described spreading the jam on a thick slice of rye bread made my mouth water. 

I was tempted to try it out and write about it the other day, but I think it would be best for me to spread out my product sampling just a little bit. And since I love to get recommendations it’s a great way for me to meet the nice people that come into the store. I’ve learned over the years that people always have a story to tell if someone is willing to listen. The best recommendations I’ve had so far all come with a story or a suggestion.

Bringing me to today, I walked out front and went straight for the jams. I actually looked at all the different kinds we have available, let me tell you grape and strawberry are only a tip of the iceberg! I found Rosehip and turned to the bakery case. Konny was all smiles as always as she treated me like her guests. I ordered a loaf of our fresh German bread and I was asked if I wanted it whole or sliced. Seeing as how the only blades accessible on my desk are a pair of scissors & a letter opener I opted to have it sliced for me.  

Carrying my purchases back to my desk I was kind of excited. I pulled out a thick slice of our farmer’s bread (think rye). I opened the jar and took a sniff, the smell was a mix of grape, apple & strawberry. When I dipped out a spoonful of the cloudy red jam I was surprised that the consistency resembled a thick honey, but spread easily over the hearty bread. The taste was absolutely wonderful, I had two slices and then began to share with others to see what they thought of it. Many noted that it had a very pleasing floral taste and was naturally sweet.

I wasn’t the only one who thought that this combination would be perfect in the morning with a nice fresh cup of coffee. I enjoyed mine with a hot cup of fragrant Spring Cherry tea and I am one happy camper.  It’s gonna be a good day!


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    Wendy said,

    I’m sold! Next time I swing by to pick up a bottle of Weingut Eugen Wehrheim (which must be German for amazing red wine) as well as some of the markets gelbwurst and brotchen (sooo good!), I’ll grab a jar to try. Looking forward to it.

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