Feeling Blue

I came in to work this morning and was surprised that my inbox wasn’t stuffed with invoices and receipts. It feels like it might be a slow day in the office. Wanting to feel productive I walked out into the deli and began looking over the display case.  Chef Josh came out and we started talking along with Konny about a lot of the cheeses. After a few minutes we narrowed it down to our selection of Blue Cheeses. He pulled out the Stilton & Roquefort and off a small sample of each for me to try. Carrying my little sample cups back to my desk for closer inspection the smell drifted up to my nose causing it to wrinkle.  My sinuses have never felt so clear.

Looking at the two cheeses the blue green strains were very prominent as they crawled over and through the cheese like a wild vine in the summer.   What I first noticed was the difference in color of the actual cheese.  The stilton is a yellow aged color and the Roquefort is much more pale & moist looking. The Roquefort also happens to be the cheese that assaulted my sense of smell on the short walk back to my desk.  The sharp smell of the blue cheese mold was very distinct verses the stronger smell of cheese from the Stilton.  The wedge of Stilton when I held it was much more firm and looked almost like parmesan, whereas the other was noticeably softer. 

My first bite of the Roquefort was a harsh one. The sharp smell should have served as a warning that it was going to be an interesting experience.  The power of the cheese was harsh and my tongue and while I wasn’t gagging I did end up making enough unpleasant noise to have my office mate Aaron laughing. To add insult to injury the moist cheese slimed my hand so that I am still enjoying its strong bouquet as I type this.  The after taste is much more pleasant after about 10 mins.


It took 15 mins & a few scalding hot sips of tea to clear my palate enough to attempt the Stilton. Its taste was much cleaner, but still very powerful. The firm texture was a nice contrast to the Roquefort. While I did make a bit of a face while sampling the Stilton I was happy that I didn’t suffer full body spasms because of the cheese,ANDit didn’t leave any kind of horrible residue on my hand that required me to clean my keyboard after taking down my thoughts.


Well my inbox is now filling with the days invoices so it’s back to work I go!


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