Gluten Free rolls

My tasty creation: GF Roll with roast beef, lettuce, tomato, onion & honey mustard


   Hello World! After a wonderful two days off I came into work this morning feeling fresh and ready for the week.  The morning has flown by in a blur of new items, invoices and ordering. Then I hit the wall and realized that it’s past lunch time. I knew that I wanted to try our brand new Gluten Free rolls. If you’ve been following my blog you’ve heard me talk about our wonderful new Gluten Free Pastry Chef, Lisa. As our resident Celiac sufferer she’s had a big hand in helping us find the best quality (and occasionally hard to find) items for our local GF community.

       Last week our much anticipated GF kitchen order came in. 465 lbs of celiac safe baking goods were delivered, and the joy on Chef Lisa’s face when the guys hauled back her big bags of GF Flour…it  was akin to child looking at all the bright lights of a carnival.

       The following days have been excruciatingly painful for me.  To constantly resist the temptation to wander into the kitchen and smell all the wonderful new things has been real trial. So far I’ve come out unscathed and at the same weight. She made mini GF donut cupcakes one day that made me want to weep with their sweet doughy smell.

        But my blog today is not about all the wonderful gluten free sweet treats that she’s made, but the rolls & breads. Since I don’t have any food allergies I will admit that I take a lot of my groceries for granted. I can walk into any store, supermarket or gas station and pick up a loaf of bread, box of cereal, bag of chips etc etc. But for many it’s not that easy, this is where Chef Lisa’s influence at the market comes in.

She is currently making wonderful sandwich rolls that are safe for the special dietary needs of our neighbors. 

So when I walked out into the market today I went straight to bread racks. While my sandwich contents are pretty uninspired (our tender Roast  Beef, lettuce, onion, tomato & a light drizzle of our honey mustard) I figured it would be easier to blog about just the distinct taste of the bread with all the familiar contents.

             After the first two bites the new flavor really came out. Nothing will ever beat the taste of fresh bread! This bread is light and almost has a sweet edge to it that when matched with the honey mustard was really a nice mix with the light tang of onion.  The crust resembled a biscuit and flaked apart like one.

            The roast beef was sliced deliciously thin by Eckhard, who is the gentleman who plays all the folk instruments at the Willow Tree on the weekends. Like with our guests here at the market he asked how I liked it cut and then checked to make sure it was right. Finishing off the masterpiece that was my sandwich was a crisp piece of lettuce and a bright red slice of tomato.

            Towards the end of my sandwich it began to fall apart a little but it wasn’t anything that an accomplished eater like myself couldn’t handle, I showed that sandwich who’s the boss!

           Well now that my lunch is over and I’ve cleaned up the small space that my sandwich briefly inhabited I’m a little sad that it’s all gone 😦 oh well such is life. I enjoyed it while it lasted, but its time to move on. Although I am very tempted to go out and sample one of our fresh GF raspberry muffins…..


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    Diane said,

    Very enlightening and funny story, Janet! Keep up the good work and funny stories!

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