Swiss Yogurt

Today I tried our Emmi Premium Swiss yogurt. I was a little thrown off looking at the container; I mean most things are pretty self-explanatory on packaging. Fancy logo for the company, a Swiss flag to associate the country it came from. The part that throws me off is the daisies. When I was opening the boxes and started stocking the shelves. I smiled at the familiar Black Cherry, and the new Pink Grapefruit. Those as you can imagine had pictures of the same fruit pictured. So when I saw the daisies my eyebrows shot up in surprise, however it says “Plain” clearly on the cup.

 The plain yogurt seemed like a good idea at first since our awesome front end manager Konny always gets some and adds fresh fruit. Alas my yogurt today is sans fresh fruit, I think that is why I’m sitting here with a pouty face and pecking at my keyboard. I’m eating plain yogurt, but it’s more than just that….it’s low fat. I’m willing to give all ‘low fat’ & ‘no sugar’ products a fair chance, but my expectations are always pretty low. In this case I was spot on, as usual.

 It was more smooth and creamy than other yogurts that I’ve had before which was a pleasant discovery. Especially when you first peel open the container and have to mix all the contents. The Emmi was easy to stir, so I can only imagine how much better it would be if I had some fresh & juicy blueberries handy to mix in and give it some sweetness. The flavor was what you’d expect for plain yogurt…it was plain, nothing fancy to elaborate on just that the texture was smooth and had an almost silky feel to it.


I think that with the addition of fruit this would be a wonderful way to round out a nice lunch or have as a quick snack during a busy morning. If you don’t happen to carry fresh fruit around in your purse or back pocket I’d wager that the Black Cherry yogurt doesn’t disappoint. For me I’d rather jog off the extra 30 calories just for the convenience of pre mixed yogurt. However if plain is your thing I’d highly suggest giving this a try, it’s the blue container…with daisies.


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    Stephanie said,

    What flavors of Emmi yogurt do you carry? Pink Grapefruit sounds delicious and is not something I can get in the typical grocery store.

    • 2

      Stephanie, We currently have the Emmi Pink Grapefruit and Black Cherry. We also have several varieties of Wallaby Organic lowfat yogurt, including Key Lime. Some people even like to get the plain yogurt and stir in one of our Darbo fruit syrups like Black Elderberry, Lingonberry, Black Currant, or Elderflower. We like to adventure outside of the usual flavors too!

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