Mmmm Mustard

Well it’s back to work for me after I took a few days off to visit family out of town. Along with my suitcase and all the paraphernalia that is required to make an 8 hour drive with 2 small children I had tucked away a late Father’s Day gift for my Dad.

You see when my Dad was about 4 years old my Grandfather was stationed in Frankfurt, Germany with the Air Force. While many of his memories are sketchy there is one that has always stood out. He remembers being all bundled up against the cold winds watching the Auto races, hearing the loud roar of the engines and eating hot Knockwurst with a spicy white mustard. When I started working at the Willow Tree 7 years ago I recall one of the first questions my Dad asked me was about that mustard.

While our Dijon at the restaurant met my Dad’s approval the first time he came in to eat, it still wasn’t quite what he recalled from those memories. So you can imagine my delight when we started getting new items in for the market and I had the pleasure of unpacking box after box of all the varieties of mustard.  I was shocked when I got to the mustard that came in tubes.

I asked Theo and Konny for their opinion on the different brands and levels of hot mustard that we have available. They both went right for the Lowensenf Extra, and I went right to the register with a smile on my face.

Now a few weeks back I had purchased the Alstertor Dusseldorf Style mustard and tried it out at home with some of our Bratwursts & Cajun Brats. I thought it was good but reminded me to much of a regular yellow mustard. The only thing really special about it is the fantastic mug shaped glass jar it comes in. So even though the mustard isn’t outstanding I still want a pair of them for my kids when they get a little bigger. Just picture two little boys in lederhosen with small mugs of root beer….absolutely precious in my opinion.

So after a LONG 8 hour drive that followed an even longer double shift we arrived safely at our destination in North Georgia. After taking a much needed nap I opened my suitcase and pulled out the goodies for my Dad. Aside from the small jar of pale mustard, and a Father’s Day card, I also had with me a nice selection of old German coasters. A little over a week ago Theo tasked me with sorting out a small box full of old coasters to be used for decoration in our Beer, Wine & Home Brew section. Needless to say there were several duplicates that he said the staff could have, or that we could give to guests.  A small handful of them went right into my purse after he said that.

When I made it down stairs I found my Dad sitting at the kitchen table. Wishing him a belated Father’s Day I set out the small collection of treasures. He let out his deep laugh and gave me a big smile when he saw the mustard. As he read the card and we talked about the cool coasters that I’d spread out on the table, a moment later my Fairy Stepmother appeared with a small plate bearing a hot dog (since I didn’t feel safe about bringing frozen sausages on the car trip I was pretty happy she had something in the fridge).

The mustard was a big hit with my Dad, he wished he had a Knockwurst to really enjoy it with but that just means for Christmas I’ll be adding a small cooler jam packed with ice and sausages in the trunk. Along with a few of the other mustards we have available, I know it’s been awhile since I’ve had some of the Handlmaier’s Sweet Bavarian Mustard. Back in the day Theo used to get some in and then excitedly tell the guests about it, if they wanted to try some they’d be granted with a generous sample. 

Even as long as it’s been since I’ve had some I still recall how wonderful a mix of flavor’s it is, sweet and spicy with the almost grainy texture of the mustard seeds.  In other words, wonderful.

 Speaking of wonderful… A few days before I left on my trip I had a visitor, a lovely woman who’s been following my blog stopped in to chat & compliment my work with the blog so far. I was so surprised and delighted that she took the time to seek me out. I took her on the tour to see my desk in the back office… it was a pretty quick tour since it’s only 15ft from the market proper, but still THANK YOU!!

 And to anyone else in the area or online that would like to stop in the market and chat, perhaps recommend something for me to try. If you can’t make it  in leave a comment on my blog or Magnolia Square Market’s Facebook page.



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    Christina Grace Beverly said,

    My mother very much enjoyed meeting you the other day 🙂 Thank you for giving her a tour!

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