The most important meal of the day

     I made the time to get up early this morning to make some breakfast. Usually I hit the floor running and it’s not until lunch rolls around and I realize I’m starving.  I’ve been admiring the tall bottles of Darbo Fruit Syrups for a few weeks now. So when I went shopping the other day I kept in mind that I wanted to do something for breakfast. I’ll have to say it was a nice change of pace, leisurely milling around the kitchen while my Eggo’s toasted.

       Sitting down with my tall glass of cold milk I began to look over the lean glass bottle, noticing first that I would have to open it like a wine bottle. Thankfully the foil wrapper has a handy tab to ease the opening process.

     I’m not sure why exactly I chose the Black Elderberry Syrup. Theo tried hard to persuade me into getting the Sour Cherry. I think subconsciously I heard a quote from Monty Python Holy Grail movie. I know that I had to make a choice between Elder Flower and Black Elderberry. The Elder Flower almost won out with its beautiful pale color that seems to glow in the light and the promise of a flowery, soft taste (I’m writing myself into buying it at the moment) versus the dark berry syrup that light can’t penetrate the bottle.


     Perhaps it was the overall mystery of the Elderberry, I’ve never had any before and looking at the bottle my imagination was drawing a blank. After all I’ve had sour cherries and raspberries before, and the point of this blog is to step up and try new things.


     With that in mind I cracked open the bottle and began to pour it out over my little waffles. I was surprised that this syrup was not nearly as thick as what I’m accustomed to.  I had to pause to take a few pictures of my breakfast. Having written several blogs now, I’m still not used to taking pictures of my food.  The breakfast photo shoot was wrapped up quickly, because I’m not a big fan of cold waffles.  The syrup had a fruity smell that was rather nice, and completely deceptive. I was taken totally by surprise by my first bite. It had an incredible tart taste that was simply unbelievable.


     When I had told Theo what I had planned to do with the syrup he was taken aback. I couldn’t understand why. After all I always associated syrup to pancakes, waffles & occasionally oatmeal if I wanted to mix things up a bit. Theo expounded on all the things these particular syrups are good with. He suggested using it over ice cream, mixing it into sparkling water or plain yogurt. It was the yogurt that made me raise my eyebrow. I had to write about plain low fat yogurt and THIS would have made it better! Why hold out on the info. The label gives some other fantastic ideas for what is apparently a syrup of diverse uses.

    Once I had a few bites I really started to enjoy the taste. It really reminded me of black berries. The flavor is still tickling my taste buds.  So you can safely place bets that tomorrow I’ll be getting up a little early to enjoy another relaxing breakfast.



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    Maggie said,

    Mm, that looks delicious! It really does look like wine between the bottle and the deep red syrup.

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