I have to say that I’m so incredibly eager to write my blog today. Almost as soon as I walked in this morning my phone has been ringing every 10-15 mins. After about 3 calls it was mentioned that there was an article in the Orlando Sentinel.,0,5876440.column

Making a quick trip to the nearest newspaper machine I read the wonderful article from the Sentinel’s Food Editor, Heather McPherson. I was enjoying the write up about the market and then BOOM I see my name in print. My jaw dropped when she mentioned a little bit of my story and this blog adventure of mine.


After a quick call to my Grandma about the great news I had to head back to my desk, after all the phone won’t answer it self! In between phone calls, emails and all the other tasks I get to do during the day I began to ponder what to write about. After such a great compliment from a real writer I don’t see how I could leave today without writing something. I thought back over the last few days of work and how I’ve felt. Monday was a blur of activity leading up to the Willow Tree Cafés 10th Anniversary festival. That was simply an amazing night. We had entertainment and events going on throughout the evening, I couldn’t recall one dull moment. Friends & Family came from far & wide to celebrate with us. Folks from as far as Jacksonville & Germany (yes GERMANY!)

Recalling the great memories from Monday night and my obvious excitement from today’s newspaper I figured a small celebration was in order. When I think parties and good times I picture a nice cake. In the dessert case was a fresh Sachertorte BINGO!


While I usually ask around for personal descriptions of items everyone was so busy today I figured I’d take the normal approach and just do a little old fashioned research.  It has a history that dates back to 1832 for the Hotel Sacher in Vienna, Austria.

Our Sachertorte is made with a mildly sweet chocolate cake. The original Sachertorte is a very dry cake and ours is quite similar in that regard.  We spread a sweet apricot jam over two layers and cover with a thick layer of chocolate ganache.


After my research and a few moments of staring at and studying my slice of cake I took a few bites to compare with what I had imagined. The ganache was thick in consistency but melted in my mouth with a smooth and silky taste that was pure chocolate joy.  The cake was right on line with the traditional with it being on the drier side. However the lightly chunky apricot jam we use was so good the juices soak in and give the feint impression of moistness in the cake.

Like all parties mine eventually came to an end. The only thing that was missing from my little celebration was a big glass of milk.


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