Gluten Free Chocolate Bread Pudding

Chef Lisa strikes again with another wonderful celiac safe dessert. Her fresh baked Gluten free muffins, breads, cookies & rolls have really been flying. One day she was chatting with Chef Pat about the feedback the desserts are getting at the Willow Tree. Naturally they eventually get into a discussion about different recopies. Pat has made several that are just downright sinful, for example his bread pudding. Now if you’ve never tried Patrick’s hot bread pudding with Bourbon sauce you are surely missing out on a great experience. Lisa thought it sounded delicious but pointed out that she and others with Gluten allergies wouldn’t be able to partake of that item.


 That day she set aside some of her GF blueberry & raspberry muffins and started looking for great idea for a special bread pudding that could be sold at the market. Since our mini desserts have been so popular she went from there. The creation she came up with is heavenly. It is just sweet enough suit my sweet tooth and the textures are a delightful mix. The top is just firm enough to give it the feel of a fresh brownie. Towards the bottom it has moist and rich taste and feel that at first impression reminded me of a chocolate cheese cake. That however was a false illusion created by the eggs and chocolate concoction that Lisa made to soak the muffin pieces in before baking them in little cake tins.

Once removed from the oven and cooled she tops them with our homemade whipped cream and a sprinkling of Dark Truffle Vermicelli (they closely resemble the little chocolate jimmies I get on ice cream).


 It’s all served cold and that is just fine with me because it has been fairly hot outside lately, making it even more satisfying. However if your more partial to hot bread pudding, Lisa said all that would need to be done is scoop it out of the aluminum tin, and save the whipped cream. A minute in the office or home microwave should have it piping hot and ready to go.

 Seeing as how the fall and winter season will be upon us before we know it, I think when the weather starts to turn cold a nice hot bread pudding will really hit the spot, don’t you think?


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