German Hurricane Survival Guide

Hurricane season is upon us. I’ve been keeping a vigilant eye on the news and weather reports as Hurricane Irene moves in our direction. Just like every year I start to look around my place to make sure my family is prepared in case a storm is projecting a direct hit.


That was my inspiration today when I went on my morning stroll through the market.  I thought about what I could buy here that would be useful during an extended black out. The National Hurricane Center recommends that every individual or family should prepare for at least 3 to 7 days.  Most importantly noted is that each person should have set aside one gallon of water a day, and don’t forget your pets when preparing for a storm.


Trying to keep in mind that my family doesn’t have a gas stove, or space for an outside grill it makes preplanning tricky, since we would  have no way to heat water or food. How do you prepare a meal that is served room temperature and doesn’t leave leftovers that will require refrigeration?


The refrigeration is a real kicker for most of the things I first thought of, but here is my list of market items to get through a few days without power. Keep in mind I’m shopping for a family that consists of two adults & two small children.


Breakfast would consist of Musli (a kind of cereal mix that is also good dry) and either Parmalat or Almond milk. These are 2 kinds of milk that can be stored at room temperature for several months.  However once the carton is opened it needs to be refrigerated.  Milk is a big thing in my family and I think that in one sitting 4 of us could go through a half gallon without any going to waste.

 We carry small single serving cartons of chocolate Parmalat, which is bound to be a small ray of sunshine and comfort for small kids stuck inside during the stormy hours.


Lunch could be many things. I usually like sandwiches so I’ll start there. Bread will have a normal shelf life so we are safe on that count. Peanut butter, Honey & Nutella:  are all great spreadable items that once opened can still be kept on the shelf.

We have a great choice of organic soups & vegetables that can be eaten out of the can. Crackers and a small summer sausage would be a nice accompaniment.  Yet again this is a product that should be refrigerated afterwards, so I would suggest a small one that when shared could be finished in one sitting.


Dinner could consist of more soups and canned veggies. I’m not a big fan of repeating a meal in the same day. Nothing is a bigger moral crusher than a cold can of bean for breakfast, lunch & dinner.

I started thinking back on one of my recent blogs about canned fish. I can’t think of a more opportune time to get a chance to dig out some fried herring in spicy marinade and really enjoy it. If that’s not to your liking, I did think of another good idea to feed a family of four. 

A simple tuna salad could be easy enough to make in a small amount without a lot of waste.  Three cans of Albacore Tuna, a tube of mayonnaise and some garlic powder or Hungarian paprika for seasoning and the meal is done. There may be a little bit of waste if the mayonnaise isn’t used up but I think wasting a whole container would be a lot worse.


To help supplement the meals and keep up moral throughout the long days snacks are always a bonus.  Landjager is a favorite amongst many of the guests I’ve talked with over the last few months, always mentioned with a story about hiking and mountain climbing.  We have two kinds, the regular Landjager & Pfefferjager (pepper). They are a beef jerky like no other; sold in pairs they resemble small edible nunchucks.  Also great for hiking or hurricane survival are our assorted bags of granola, figs, nuts & dates.


While I was searching our shelves for inspiration I stepped behind the register for a few minutes to help out our guests. I got into a brief conversation with a nice gentleman named Alan, who recognized me from my blog photo.  I told him about what I was working on today and he had a great idea for a veggie sandwich using some of our jars of sliced peppers, onions & tomatoes. It sounds a bit spicy but I think I’d certainly give it a whirl after a day of cool soups.


As always Chef Lisa pops in with her special dietary needs. Considering our Gluten Free section we have a couple of soups available as well as GF Musli, some tasty energy bars & cookies.  Let’s not forget the loaves of celiac safe bread we have available. Snack wise we have some chips, cookies and other little goodies.


Hopefully no one will be without power for more than a few hours. I know that just in case I get an upset stomach I’ll be keeping a big bottle of Gerolsteiner mineral water on hand just in case, after all it helped settle it once I think it’ll do a great job again if I need it.

As a side note, be sure to have garbage bags, disposable silverware & plates, and most importantly a non-electric can opener!


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  1. 1

    Brathering with potatoes in the foil from the grill, good fro lunch or dinner.

  2. 3

    Pam said,

    You forgot the biggest moral booster for those post-hurricane days- chocolate!

  3. 5

    Pam said,

    Sorry, meant morale!

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