The Mid Day Pick Me Up

Chocolate & Coffee, two items that are a superb pairing every time.  I had finished a bit of my paperwork this morning and needed to stretch my legs a bit, I knew a fresh pot of coffee had just been brewed so I grabbed a cup and wandered up front to see what I could find to write about today.  After catching up on everyone’s weekends John and I began to look around the store and chatting about the different things on the shelves. Inevitably we ended up in the chocolate section. John and I both have almost insatiable sweet tooth.


We both leaned back against the counter and looked over the assortment of treats. Milka, Mozarts, Brandy Beans and Ritter Sports, surely this is the aisle of dreams, for the serious chocoholic.  Amongst the plethora of sweet delights one stood out, a single brand in between a sea of more recognizable names.

The Karina Super-Nuss with its green box stood out quite prominently next to the signature purple of Milka wrappers. The pictures of fresh whole hazelnuts sitting in a pool of chocolate drew me in.

John and I both thought this would be a great thing to try out. The small box has a window so you can see a portion of the bar. It was nice to actually SEE they use whole hazelnuts, not chopped up bits.

After fixing a bit of coffee I headed back to my desk looking forward to a sweet respite and a little caffeine boost. When I opened the chocolate bar I was pleasantly surprised that the view from the box’s window was actually the back of the chocolate bar. The front which is hidden from view has a pretty leaf design and is sectioned off for 6 pieces (which was great since I wanted to share with John).


Trying the candy bar we both liked the crunch from the whole hazelnuts and liked how smooth the chocolate tasted, melting in the most pleasant way. Sipping on my hot coffee the flavors all mingled together for a few blissful moments. 


The hazelnuts had been cleaned well before being added to the chocolate, I could tell this two ways. Looking at the chocolate you won’t see the darker skin of the hazelnut. Tasting it and feeling the texture, there was no hint of bitterness or grainy feel that I often associate with the brittle skins of most nuts.  What John liked the most was that when he bit into the whole nuts he could feel them split in half.


We have a great selection of coffees but today we were all enjoying our Joffrey’s Bistro Blend. It’s a nice mellow coffee that we all just love. If you desire something a little more it’s perfect for adding flavored creamers if you want a particular taste.


If you want flavor without the calories of creamer we have several beans that have a kick all their own, including:  Jamaican Me Crazy, Hawaiian Blend, and Colombian. In addition to the vast variety of German brands that are whole bean or pre-ground. If you don’t have a grinder at home not to worry! We are always happy to grind it for you.


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