Vanilla Almond Tea to the rescue!

I have been happy to blog in the past but today I really needed to take a moment and relax, clear my mind and write. Having discovered the hard way last night that I have a food allergy to Figs, my evening and morning have been spend in upmost physical discomfort. Why didn’t I just call in you may ask, well I’m one of those tough workaholics people that are just so dedicated it’ll take a lot more than a little pain to keep me home.


 So dealing with the waves of discomfort and normal daily deadlines I made it a point to get a little writing time in today. If only for the sole point of letting my brain unwind. To assist me in my moments of Zen for today is a brand new tea that just came in yesterday. When I unpacked the box with tins of Vanilla Almond tea I just about melted. I have a deep love for all things vanilla, and knowing of Republic of Tea’s quality products for the last seven years at the Willow Tree Café knew this one would not….could not, disappoint.


Opening the tin was its own form of aroma therapy; the sweet smell of fresh almonds and vanilla filled my nose and was pure bliss. It smelled just like a scented candle without the hint of burning wax.  I couldn’t get to my cup fast enough. Once I added the hot water and it began to steep it was even better.


I was very happy to discover that I didn’t need to add much sugar to really enhance the flavors.  It was interesting that when I had smelled the tea the almond was the most noticeable, but upon the first sip it was reversed. The smooth, sweet taste of vanilla was the first prominent flavor to introduce itself. Followed closely like a good friend was the flavor of pure almond. I thought I was in love with the Spring Cherry & Blackberry Sage Teas until now. By far this black tea is my new favorite.


While I was enjoying the somewhat peaceful moment (as much peace is possible when I’m 5 feet from a kitchen of 5 guys) a silver bag of Musli caught my eye.  Since I haven’t actually had a chance to try it I figured this was the best time.

Musli is the original German cereal and come in a variety of different mixes.  # 11 is a Golden Granola, along with the oats & soy nuts where whole almonds & the most delicious raisins I’ve had in a long time. However, like most bagged versions of granola it was all pretty loose with a few nice clusters.  While it made a nice snack dry, it was a bit difficult to try and eat without utensils. It would be best eaten with a splash of milk or mixed in with some yogurt.


Even dry it was great as a light snack, and it went down so well with my tea. After such a peaceful interlude to my day I feel much better about getting back to work, especially since its Friday!!


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