Frikadellen is coming

I always love the first few weeks of a new year. It is just so full of hope and the promise & possibility of good things to come. While in reality it may just be another day I like to keep a sunny outlook. I’ve never been a person that makes resolutions at midnight to flip my whole world upside down; I try to do that on a monthly basis to keep from getting stuck in the daily routine from day to day.


 Working at the Market helps with that on a small scale. There has been a lot of talk about bringing in some of the older Hollerbach family recipes that we don’t get to share with all our guests at the Willow Tree or at Magnolia Square Market. So over the next few months I get to be at the forefront of the tasting line with many of the ‘new’ old world dishes that will be coming soon.


So last Friday when Theo finally decided to get together with the Chefs and share some of the secrets, we knew the time had come.  The first product I tasted fresh from the pan was Frikadellen.

When I had passed through the kitchen earlier that morning I thought the guys were making fancy burgers. So as always, I stop and ask questions. I quickly realized this is a burger like no other! The meat is half pork & half beef, with finely chopped onions, spices and other top secret ingredients. After slaking my curiosity I got back to my desk and down to work.


A few hours later the normal background noise of kitchen sounds and voices broke through my concentration. The Frikadellen had been finished and was hot out of the pan. Theo was thrilled with just how well they turned out and even the small bite that I had was just phenomenal. It was moist and juicy on the inside. On the outside is a thin, light and crispy breading. What’s funny is that it looks like a cross between a burger & a crab cake.

What was nice about it is that it can be eaten on its own paired with a nice side dish of potato salad, or it can be sliced and eaten on bread as a sandwich.

Today Theo brought some out of the cooler and passed them out for some of the other staff members to give a try. I was a little unsure of eating what looked like a cold burger but he didn’t seem to mind, I figured it was like eating a slice of pizza right out of the fridge.

I’m happy to say that it tasted really good cold, it was still nice and moist. The texture and taste reminds me a lot of meatloaf. I ate the whole thing, taking small bites to really get the flavors. The mixture of pork & beef is just wonderful, the onions are sliced thin and the taste is not overwhelming. I could also taste parsley and a few of the other spices mixed in. If only I had the time I would have made a sandwich out of it. Some soft bread with a crisp leaf of lettuce, a bright red tomato slice and some Dijon mustard….

It would be worthwhile to keep your eyes open for when we officially debut Frikadellen this Thursday at the market! Until then Happy New Year!


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  1. 1

    Gary Harness said,

    My maternal grandparents came from Germany in the early 1900’s. My mom used to make a meat she called “Frickadellies.” She was always playing word games, so I thought this was just a funny name for her fancy hamburgers. Interestingly, she liked them cold or hot. Little did I know this was actually a German dish (Frikadellen)! I will look forward to checking it out at Willow Tree!

  2. 3

    anirta nuetzmann said,

    Das sind “Fleischkuechle” fuer mich!!!!

  3. 5

    Regine said,

    I grew up on those and still love them to this day. I always wondered why Americans had not discovered them yet. I think I will make some for dinner today with a side of boiled potatoes, peas and carrots. Lecker!!

  4. 6

    Allen Goldenson said,

    The frikadellen sounds wonderful. Is that why Theo has had so many hamburger variants on the lunch menu lately? But the market is a great garden of discovery; my latest is the many different uses of kassler, that excellent lightly smoked pork loin that thick-sliced can be a great tender fried pork steak, and shaved is a fantastic sandwich meat, and has great bones left after Kornelia wrestles them from the loin. Something new and interesting every day. And good cheeses.

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