Goat Cheese thats good as gold

Today as I wandered the market I really wanted something sweet and mild that would be a good mix. I started chatting with Aaron, who heads up our homebrew section. He told me about one of our fairly new products that had come in last month. Snofrisk, a product of Norway, is a spreadable goat cheese.

I looked online to find different ways to enjoy goat cheese; I was bombarded with all the different recipes and appetizers. Finally I was able to figure out a nice easy idea that I could put together at my desk with other items from the store. Once assembled with my notepad and camera ready I began…Image

The taste and texture when I first took a bite by itself was good, the taste was familiar and it took several minutes (and a few more bites) to figure it out. The taste is similar to cottage cheese with a few notes close to sour cream. The texture was like a semi dry cream cheese.

I paired the goat cheese with a fresh brotchen (a roll that reminds me of mini French bread) and Landsberg Blueberry Preserve.

The brotchen was perfect with a slightly crunchy crust making it perfect for my spreadable treat.

I’ve been using the Landsberg Strawberry Preserve at home and it’s been a big hit with my kids, so I figured the blueberry would be my safest bet for today.

I sampled a spoonful alone and really savored it to get a better sense of the taste. The blueberries are sweet to be sure but it was boosted by the corn syrup that had been added. Perhaps to make sure the flavor doesn’t get lost when used with other items, who knows? I will say this I was very happy that it hadn’t been over processed and it still contained the skins and seeds of the blueberries.

I know that when I spread the goat cheese on half a brotchen and added a topping of the preserve I was not prepared by just how good they would all taste together. The cheese offset the sweetness of the preserve; they mixed so well with the creamy taste of the cheese. The brotchen soaked it in and added its own crunch to the taste and texture.

On the web I had seen a delicious appetizer idea with goat cheese on crackers, some with herbs and others with fruit. I know I will be adding goat cheese to my list of ideas for party platters.


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