In with the new!

The month of May has been a good one! Here at the market we have hit the one year mark, both Magnolia Square & Willow Tree are welcoming Coca Cola products in, and our Chefs have proudly introduced our new style of German potato salad.


What’s special about our new potato salad is the guest feedback we looked for while debating on changing an item we’ve had for so long. During several lunches we sent samples out and after talking it over and looking at all the positive comments the decision was made.

I tried it today twice, I had one small bowl that was heated properly and the other served cold like we have available at the market. Heated I could taste more of the applewood smoked bacon we use that has (as the name implies) a smokey taste. We are now using red potato which changes the texture to a bite that is more firm. The pickles & apple cider vinegar give it a much tangier flavorful profile than the other version had. Altogether I enjoyed it both hot and cold….maybe a little better hot though….I’ve gotten so used to the German style it’s hard to look at a Southern potato salad the same way.

Now that the temperature & humidity outside has been steadily creeping up, I’m greatly looking forward to picnics, beach days, and just lots of time outside with family and friends. Aside from packing lots of water bottles, soda (or cola, if you prefer) is usually always on my picnic shopping list. Monday at Magnolia Square Market our new Coca-Cola refrigerator was delivered and stocked. I can’t describe my joy when I saw glass bottles going in.

When I got a closer look I noticed two things, first was that the bottles looked a little different than I’ve seen before, second that the labels were written in Spanish. When I asked about this I was told that these are indeed Mexican. Instead of using processed sugars & syrups the three brands in glass bottles (Coca-Cola, Fanta, & Sprite) are made using cane sugar.

Well OBVIOUSLY I had to try it! Now I don’t drink Coke products that often, and I feel a little silly getting so excited about a bottle of Coca-Cola, but it was REALLY good! There is a very noticeable difference, the carbonated bite that often irritated me with Coca-Cola is much less pronounced. It is actually smooth and refreshing (hmm sounds like a familiar slogan). Theo cracked open a bottle and said it reminded him of how it used to taste when he was a kid, which is when it hit me that it tastes JUST like the Coca-Cola throwback’s they had out a few years ago!

Since we have 3 glass bottled sodas I couldn’t in good conscience not continue the comparison, I’ll deal with the calories Sunday while I’m running a 5K.

The Fanta’s flavor was just as good as the glass bottled coke; the orange sweetness wasn’t harsh with carbonation & didn’t have the metallic taste of its canned cousins.  After such an amazing difference with the first two I was really surprised that the Sprite tasted just like normal, just without the minimal aluminum taste. I can only guess it’s because the strong flavor of lemon-lime covers it so well.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend, and a safe Memorial Day!


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