Marzipan Picnic

What do you think of when the 4th of July comes around? A day spent with family and friends, maybe out on the water, grilling in the backyard, sitting out on a blanket under the stars watching fireworks?

When thinking over what I could blog about on such a great holiday I didn’t want to write about the obvious Brats and BBQ. I saw the boxes of marzipan sitting on the shelf and a cute idea struck me.  When I was younger on the 4th of July I would often have little picnics on my Grandma’s back patio. I’d get an old blanket and spread it out in the shade of her house and just enjoy the weather listening to music on my Walkman and enjoying a Peanut Butter & Fluff sandwich.

After my moment of nostalgia passed I thought it might be a fun idea to make a small summer picnic basket out of Marzipan. If you have never tried it, it is a delicious almond paste. Now I haven’t worked with Marzipan in 2 years and I forgot just how different it was than working with fondant. It is a little stronger and can support its own weight better, however when the marzipan cracked I had a much harder time trying to fix it and make it smooth.

I used one box of marzipan and made a full spread for my picnic. I only spent 15 mins fiddling around and the results aren’t half bad. If I’d had the time to color or airbrush I think it would have looked phenomenal.

I made two Coca Cola bottles, a burger with bacon, brat in a bun, sandwich, apple, & a bunch of bananas.

Marzipan is great to mold and give as gifts, or use as decorations on baked goods (dipping them in chocolate is a great idea!) A BIG favorite of mine is during Christmastime when a variation German Stollen is made with marzipan in the middle.

When I was finally finished I sat back and enjoyed my mini almond flavored mid-day dessert.

Wishing you all a safe, fun filled 4th of July!


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