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Tasty Tomato Suppe

Chef Reno has been creating German specials for the weekends over at Hollerbach’s Willow Tree Café. I have been spoiled because he has such great ideas for use of the items we have in the market. Now when I wander the aisles he usually walks with me offering suggestions on what could be made & combined.  Today while wandering, I really wanted something sweet but decided that I would be better off with something a little more substantial. Halfway down the aisle I’m joined by the Chef and the conversation quickly picks up. After about 5 mins we agree that a soup would be perfect for today.

When he brought the finished product to my desk I smelled it before he reached me. The warm scent of tomato and herbs caught my attention first. I did my best not to be distracted while I finished the paperwork before me so that I could focus and enjoy a special soup, which was also difficult because the presentation of the soup was just so fancy.

Once the paper work was finished and moved a safe distance away from the bright red soup, I could really take in the smell. The scent of tomatoes and herbs was so wonderful and rich that I couldn’t discern anything else but the faintest smell of the cheese croutons.  The texture was not watery which I loved, especially since I had been talking about wanting something that was a bit more substantial.  What was a fantastic addition was the cheese croutons he made, lightly crunchy with the Gluten Free Panko Italian style breadcrumbs. Inside was the chewy, gooey goodness of melted provolone cheese.

My mind was reeling with the combined flavors, such a decadent and delicious soup.  After a few minutes the soup was gone and I was left sitting at my desk suffering the usual sadness that accompanies the end of a really good meal. What is wonderful is how Chef Reno wrote everything out so that again I can share the recipe with you.


1 Can – La Valle Peeled Tomatoes

1 Can- Rega Tomatoes with Basil

1 Clove- Garlic

1 – Onion

1 – Tomato

1 1/2 Tblsp- Bouillon

½ Tsp- Salt

1 Tblsp- Sugar

1 Tsp- Basil (dried)

1 – Egg

1 cup- Flour

½ lbs- Provolone Cheese

1/2 bag- Ian’s Gluten Free Panko Breadcrumbs, Italian

How he did it:

Cut onions in cubes and sauté in Olive oil.

Then puree with Tomatoes and sugar, basil & garlic. Strain the seeds.

Add ½ cup water & simmer for 10-15mins

Season the soup with bullion and salt

Cheese croutons

Cut cheese in cubes

Bread cheese cubes:  Flour- Egg- Breadcrumbs

Panfry them in Olive oil until light brown color

Once cool enough to handle, add to soup.

In case you would like to re-create the fantastic presentation Chef Reno used in the picture above he lightly drizzled Pesto, and heavy whipping cream to make the design.

The above is exactly what Chef Reno used and it was enough to feed 4 of us with extra cheese croutons to go around!

Now I LOVE fresh tomatoes, so I had to ask how many whole vine ripe tomatoes it would take to make this soup without having to use the canned kind. He said it depends on the size, but 6-8 should be about right to make the same amount.


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Herb Cheese on Rye

ImageI wanted to try a very simple appetizer approach with the blog today. We have so many items that I see and several that I’ve tried that would be great hors d’oeuvres, I just don’t always try them out that way. Today I looked at three of our packaged breads: the Ruhrtaler’s Rye, the Rye Ola’s Black Rye, & Feldkamp’s Westphalian Pumpernickel.  I’ve tried the Rye Ola Black Rye before and I absolutely love it. I asked our new guy at the Market what he thought about the Ruhrtaler vs Feldkamp. Chris is a Chef who just moved over from Germany, he immediately suggested the Rye.

I wanted to try one of our spreadable cheeses because we had a guest in last week who was singing its praises as he carried them to the register. Again I had a choice between 3 types:  Herb, Mushroom, & Cream. The herb seems to be the most popular so I decided to go for it.

ImageI first tried them separately so that I could fully appreciate just how they tasted on their own. The rye bread was heavy, chewy and had that special tang that is so well known and looked for in a good rye. The cheese comes in a little wheel shaped box with individually wrapped wedges on the inside. On its own the cheese was very rich in flavor with a thick texture when I bit down. While sharing with my cohorts we could discern the flavors or chives, dill, & thyme.

I was sampling the cheese right after I pulled them from the case. I wanted to make a bit to share to get additional feedback from my co-workers. This is a nice way to limit my portion control since I’ve also been working out lately, so when I looked at sampling a whole package of bread and cheese by myself just seemed a little overboard for me at the moment. Thankfully I have some of the most obliging coworkers when it comes to accepting food samples.

One piece of the cheese was the perfect amount for the small square of rye bread, I would suggest letting the cheese sit out for a few minutes, because trying to spread it right out of the cold was a little difficult. The bread is very firm and that worked in my favor because it made it very easy to break it into even pieces to pass out.

Aaron was my first victim since he was in the back office working. He has actually tried the bread before and felt that the cheese was “the best thing, it needed something dense and creamy” he said it was like a mix between butter & cream cheese.

Next I took my samples into the kitchen with Chefs Garyn & Lisa. Garyn really got into it, taking the time to savor and ponder the sample. He described it as creamy, sweet & savory with a tang. He could see using it with a lot of variations like fish or dried fruit.

Since Chef Lisa is a celiac she was only able to sample the cheese since my bread choice was not Gluten Free, she really enjoyed it was a bit rich to her tastes.

Overall we agreed that this is a fantastic idea for a quick appetizer that will surely Wow the crowd.

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