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Last week Theo was chatting with a guest in the market about some of the great candy & chocolate that they enjoyed in Germany. When Christina got home from her visit last month we spent some time talking about the difference of the options found abroad. She said a common trend that she noticed was how in Germany the chocolates were smoother and not overly sweet. Most confections were either light & fluffy or packed with marzipan, fruits or nuts.  Taking a look at the candy & chocolate variety we are able to carry at the market that would seem to be the case.

When the guest came through to check out she had a package of the milk chocolate Schoko-Reis. It was then that my curiosity was really piqued and proceeded to eat away at the back of my mind until I gave in. I grabbed the same kind she had and went back to my desk to see what this was all about. Since my German comprehension is minimal at best I was at least able to understand the front of the package: chocolate with rice puffs.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I opened the package because for something so large the lightness in weight was a little surprising.  It is divided into 2 wide rows of 6 that were thick enough that I had to exert a little bit of muscle to snap the pieces apart. This is certainly sized for sharing with others!

ImageFrom the top it looks like any other chocolate treat; when I flipped it over I was surprised to see that it looked almost like a rice crispy, which shows just how packed it really is with rice puffs. As with any first bite of something chocolaty it’s a pleasant experience. It’s is just as sweet & smooth as I have come to expect from German chocolate, and exactly as Christina said, not overly sweet. The rice was far fluffier than I had expected since I was thinking of a rice crispy or a Krackle bar. This was similar to both but still very distinctive because it was so packed with puffed rice. I think that because of the rice it just felt so light, not heavy like most of my normal chocolate driven indulgences. 

As good as the milk chocolate is I can only imagine how wonderful the dark chocolate would be.  Perhaps one of my wonderful readers can come in and try one for me, since I have two weddings to prepare for next year I have to better with my sweet tooth….guess next time I’ll be writing about a salad.


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Chocolate & German coffee, a perfect combination

It’s a chocolate & coffee kind of day! Since Mother’s day is almost here I went out in the store and looked at all of the high quality chocolates we have available. One of the best and brightest boxed items is the Reber chocolates. With their bright red and gold wraps & packages they really are eye catching. I picked out 5 items that really grabbed my attention.

Mozart Herz’l (heart) — smooth and sweet with pistachio marzipan and a soft nougat, in two heavenly little bites.

Schwarzwalder Kirsh Heart– I was taken aback by the lack of sweetness in the taste at first, then I read the label…This uses a bitter sweet chocolate to cover the almond marzipan and the kirsh (cherry) filling. The kirsh used has a thick jelly consistency and is on the tart side. Altogether it is an interesting taste that is perfect if you don’t want something overly sweet.

Reber Bissen Truffel-Pastete–    Wow! There is a lot going on in this little number! Not overly sweet it is a creamy truffle with flavors of hazelnut, brandy & raisins, with a crispy wafer thrown in and coated in Alpine whole milk chocolate. I was surprised by the raisins but really loved it with everything inside. It’s smooth, crispy and slightly chewy all in one little package.

Mozart Piano Bar– One of my favorites when I really want to indulge myself or give a gift of a really great chocolate bar. It’s crispy and delicious with hazelnut nougat and full of the divine pistachio marzipan. The crunch is from the crisp rice and is coated with what I’ve come to think of as Reber’s silky smooth chocolate that just melts in the mouth.

Last is one of the many boxed chocolates we carry from Reber

The Mozart Medaillons– the box is filled with 10 individually wrapped medallions. Reber took an already amazing combination of soft, sweet chocolate a rich caramel, and improved upon it with adding traditional almond marzipan.  The only texture to speak of is the slightly gritty feel of a fine marzipan.

Take my advice and BEWARE of where you may leave an open box of the medaillons laying. I was away from my desk and 6 of 10 disappeared between my two coworkers….I can’t really blame them though; I’d be tempted to do the same thing.

What better way to enjoy chocolate when you don’t have a big glass of cold milk around, I reach for coffee.

“Tchibo coffee- Exclusive” claims to have a “balanced taste, fine aroma” I for one always love the smell of freshly brewed coffee.  I normally dilute my coffee heavily with cream and sugar, but because I wanted to really get a good taste I only used enough to take the bite out of black coffee. I’m glad that I didn’t add more, the taste was incredibly smooth and I finished one cup pretty quick (soon the caffeine will kick in and then the work day will get really fun!)

The second cup I used flavored cream and it mixed so nicely that the taste of vanilla was upfront, bold and absolutely everything I want when I make or buy a flavored drink.

Well, now that I’m loaded with a few cups of coffee & chocolates I think I’ll take a brisk run up and down the street & around the building a few times.

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