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Hot News on a cold day

The market has been open for over a year and a half now. In that time we have been learning as we go. With conversations and over feedback from our guests we are always striving to improve ourselves& exceed expectations. When we have a guest looking for a specific item they enjoyed back home in Germany, the conversation is usually followed by a call or email to our distributors & their importers. One thing that many of our guests have asked for is something hot to add to our sandwich menu. We have finally figured out a way to make this request a reality.


The Schweine-QThis week we introduced our new weekly hot special, and what a great week to start! Our usually hot & humid Florida day’s suddenly turned chilly. When everyone else was pulling out their coats & sweaters, Chef Josh wheeled out his smoker.  Using our whole pork loins he set to work. Once the pork was perfectly smoked he made an Aventinus BBQ from one of our popular German beers.


The pulled pork was so different in the most unique and wonderful way. Every bite was tender & juicy, falling apart with the unmistakable smoky flavor beneath the BBQ. The sauce picks up and carries the flavor profile of the Aventinus beer used in its creation.  It shared the rich wheaty, taste of the dopple bock.

I’m not a big fan of coleslaw’s.  I usually end up with the kind that is drowned in mayo and sits in the pit of my stomach, or so soggy it should be described as a soup. However I’ve learned from experience that Chef Josh…knows what he’s doing. So while I was little apprehensive at first I figured as always I’d be pleasantly surprised by his recipe.

It is almost sweet, not tangy at all. The shredded cabbage & carrots were all crisp & crunchy. It was covered with just enough sauce to flavor the bite. What I really liked was that it felt light & fresh, not heavy.


On their own the BBQ Pulled Pork & coleslaw were the perfect way to sit back and re-live summer cookouts just  one last time before the winter sets in. However when Chef Josh was planning  this out in his head he had a totally different idea in mind. The pulled pork goes on the sandwich WITH the coleslaw & a few slices of dill pickle. I can only imagine the look of horror on my face, but after a little while I remembered that when it comes to all things culinary Josh won’t let me down.  So I sat down at my desk with a Schweine-Q and dove in before I could psych myself out of it.  As usually I was glad I tried something new.  The heavier smoked taste of the hot pulled pork mixed very well with the cool light flavors of crisp coleslaw. Soft bread and small bite of the pickle rounded out the taste.


If you don’t think you’re ready to be tough like me and mix BBQ & coleslaw you can always enjoying the other way with coleslaw as a side dish. While we are running this special both the Coleslaw & BBQ are available for purchase by the pound.


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Marzipan Picnic

What do you think of when the 4th of July comes around? A day spent with family and friends, maybe out on the water, grilling in the backyard, sitting out on a blanket under the stars watching fireworks?

When thinking over what I could blog about on such a great holiday I didn’t want to write about the obvious Brats and BBQ. I saw the boxes of marzipan sitting on the shelf and a cute idea struck me.  When I was younger on the 4th of July I would often have little picnics on my Grandma’s back patio. I’d get an old blanket and spread it out in the shade of her house and just enjoy the weather listening to music on my Walkman and enjoying a Peanut Butter & Fluff sandwich.

After my moment of nostalgia passed I thought it might be a fun idea to make a small summer picnic basket out of Marzipan. If you have never tried it, it is a delicious almond paste. Now I haven’t worked with Marzipan in 2 years and I forgot just how different it was than working with fondant. It is a little stronger and can support its own weight better, however when the marzipan cracked I had a much harder time trying to fix it and make it smooth.

I used one box of marzipan and made a full spread for my picnic. I only spent 15 mins fiddling around and the results aren’t half bad. If I’d had the time to color or airbrush I think it would have looked phenomenal.

I made two Coca Cola bottles, a burger with bacon, brat in a bun, sandwich, apple, & a bunch of bananas.

Marzipan is great to mold and give as gifts, or use as decorations on baked goods (dipping them in chocolate is a great idea!) A BIG favorite of mine is during Christmastime when a variation German Stollen is made with marzipan in the middle.

When I was finally finished I sat back and enjoyed my mini almond flavored mid-day dessert.

Wishing you all a safe, fun filled 4th of July!

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In with the new!

The month of May has been a good one! Here at the market we have hit the one year mark, both Magnolia Square & Willow Tree are welcoming Coca Cola products in, and our Chefs have proudly introduced our new style of German potato salad.


What’s special about our new potato salad is the guest feedback we looked for while debating on changing an item we’ve had for so long. During several lunches we sent samples out and after talking it over and looking at all the positive comments the decision was made.

I tried it today twice, I had one small bowl that was heated properly and the other served cold like we have available at the market. Heated I could taste more of the applewood smoked bacon we use that has (as the name implies) a smokey taste. We are now using red potato which changes the texture to a bite that is more firm. The pickles & apple cider vinegar give it a much tangier flavorful profile than the other version had. Altogether I enjoyed it both hot and cold….maybe a little better hot though….I’ve gotten so used to the German style it’s hard to look at a Southern potato salad the same way.

Now that the temperature & humidity outside has been steadily creeping up, I’m greatly looking forward to picnics, beach days, and just lots of time outside with family and friends. Aside from packing lots of water bottles, soda (or cola, if you prefer) is usually always on my picnic shopping list. Monday at Magnolia Square Market our new Coca-Cola refrigerator was delivered and stocked. I can’t describe my joy when I saw glass bottles going in.

When I got a closer look I noticed two things, first was that the bottles looked a little different than I’ve seen before, second that the labels were written in Spanish. When I asked about this I was told that these are indeed Mexican. Instead of using processed sugars & syrups the three brands in glass bottles (Coca-Cola, Fanta, & Sprite) are made using cane sugar.

Well OBVIOUSLY I had to try it! Now I don’t drink Coke products that often, and I feel a little silly getting so excited about a bottle of Coca-Cola, but it was REALLY good! There is a very noticeable difference, the carbonated bite that often irritated me with Coca-Cola is much less pronounced. It is actually smooth and refreshing (hmm sounds like a familiar slogan). Theo cracked open a bottle and said it reminded him of how it used to taste when he was a kid, which is when it hit me that it tastes JUST like the Coca-Cola throwback’s they had out a few years ago!

Since we have 3 glass bottled sodas I couldn’t in good conscience not continue the comparison, I’ll deal with the calories Sunday while I’m running a 5K.

The Fanta’s flavor was just as good as the glass bottled coke; the orange sweetness wasn’t harsh with carbonation & didn’t have the metallic taste of its canned cousins.  After such an amazing difference with the first two I was really surprised that the Sprite tasted just like normal, just without the minimal aluminum taste. I can only guess it’s because the strong flavor of lemon-lime covers it so well.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful weekend, and a safe Memorial Day!

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